In order for your organization to be able to collect donations through GiveGab, we'll need to make sure you're verified to do so! Depending on where your organization is in the verification process you'll see one of the following prompts on your Admin Dashboard.


When your organization's status is "Incomplete" it means that you still need to add your organization's bank account information and attest your fundraising compliance. This is the first step to getting your organization verified to accept donations!


When your organization's status is "Unverified" there may be an issue verifying your organization representative information with our payment processor Stripe. You can learn why this may be happening in this article here or reach out to a member of our Customer Success team for assistance.


When your organization's status is "Pending" there may an issue verifying the EIN provided for your organization with the IRS to receive tax deductible donations. Our Customer Success team will be following up to make sure you're all set, but if you see that anything is incorrect that may be holding up your verification please reach out to us. 

Status: Verified

When your organization's status is "Verified" you are all set to collect donations on GiveGab and continue moving your mission forward! 

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