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Steps to Fundraising Verification on GiveGab

Learn about the three steps your organization undergoes to get verified to accept donations on GiveGab!

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Organizations raising funds on GiveGab must initially complete three components of verification: Verification of State Charitable Solicitation requirements, verification with the IRS, and verification with Stripe. This article will break down the process for each step of GiveGab's verification process.

Verification with the states where you solicit donors

Every nonprofit on GiveGab is required to attest that the organization is compliant with applicable state fundraising requirements in the states in which they may solicit donors using the GiveGab platform.

To attest your fundraising compliance, read the statement at the top of your Bank Account & Verification page and use the checkbox beside it. When you check the box, you are attesting (defined as "declaring that something exists or is the case") to the best of your knowledge that your organization is compliant with applicable state fundraising requirements in the states in which you may solicit donors using the GiveGab platform.

Nonprofits are held to a high standard of government regulation and public scrutiny, and that is for good reason! Eligible 501(c) nonprofits are exempt from federal corporate taxes and have access to public funding. These benefits are not typically available to for-profit businesses, so laws are in place to protect the public and ensure nonprofits do not abuse their financial advantages. The IRS and states all have requirements for nonprofits.

IRS Verification

Once you add your bank account and other verification details, GiveGab's automated verification system checks your EIN (Employer Identification Number) against the IRS Pub 78 database to ensure your organization is able to receive tax-deductible donations.

This verification occurs within 24 hours after the information is added.

Note: If your organization is a chapter, governmental, or religious organization, please reach out to us at or the blue chat bubble so we can manually verify you with other forms of documentation.

Stripe Verification

Stripe, GiveGab's payment processor, has its own verification process to confirm the accuracy of the EIN and organization representative information entered.

This is to prevent fraudulent behavior on the platform and maintain the highest level of security. Specifically, Stripe checks that your organization has not been listed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) as a Specially Designated National (SDN) engaged in or supporting terrorism, and to confirm that your organization is in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Federal Regulations including US PATRIOT, Know Your Customer, BSA and OFAC.

Once you add your bank account information and other verification details, Stripe's automatic verification process begins, usually taking 48-72 business hours.

Next Steps

If your organization’s EIN is invalid, you will hear from the GiveGab team within one week in order to complete your verification. If your EIN or organization representative information fails verification during one of these steps, we will ask that you provide us proof of your status as a tax-deductible organization, or for additional information about the organization representative.

Once this documentation is furnished and verified, your organization will be eligible to begin fundraising on GiveGab!

You can also check and interpret your organization's verification status by following the guidance here. If your organization is not verified, please reach out to - we'll be happy to help!

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