How do I change my bank account information?

Learn about GiveGab's process for updating your organization's bank account used for donation deposits.

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Once you have entered your bank account information in GiveGab and it has been verified, it is locked in so that no one can make changes to it without the consent of the organization representative.

Step 1: Request a bank account change for your organization

Using the blue chat bubble or emailing, alert the team that your organization's banking information needs to be updated.

Do not include your organization's bank account information in this request.

In order to make this request, you must be an administrator on your organization’s profile.

Step 2: Supply documents via secure form

In order to update your organization's bank account information, you must either be the organization representative, or have written, express permission from the organization representative to update this information on their behalf.

Once our team sees your request, we will supply you with a secure form in which you will upload a valid, government-issued ID in order to verify your identity. This form will also collect your name, email, organization, and (if required) a letter from your organization representative permitting you to update the bank information.

Never submit your personal information to GiveGab through email or chat.

Protect your identity by only sending private information via our provided, secure forms.

Note: Form submissions are only valid for 24 hours. To avoid needing to submit your information again, be ready to walk through the change at the time of submission.

To learn how to view your current organization representative, click here.

Step 3: Alert the Customer Success team of your submission & be ready to enter the new information

Using the blue chat bubble or your email chain, let the team know that your form has been submitted. We will review the information, verify that you are an administrator for your organization, and ensure that you have permission to update the banking information.

Once our team has verified you are online and ready to make the change, we will unlock/reset the bank fields so you can enter your new information directly into named fields on the platform.

Note: Making your submission outside of chat support hours (9am-5pm EST)?

Make sure you're ready to update the information within 24 hours to avoid resubmitting your information.

Step 4: Update your bank account information & wait to be reverified

Once a Customer Success representative resets the form, refresh your page and click the "Verify Your Organization" button. This will bring up two sections of your profile that you need to complete.

Use the "Add Bank Account" button to enter your organization's new banking information directly into the platform.

Then, use the "Update Required Information" button which will bring you to a form hosted by Stripe, GiveGab's payment processor. There, you will enter the organization representative's information.

When you've finished, let your Customer Success representative know that you are done making changes. At this point, they will ensure that the information saved correctly and work to reinstate your "Verified" status.

Get the process started! Email or use the blue chat bubble.

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