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What do all of the fields on a Giving Day donation form mean?

Learn what is requested and what can be changed about your donation to an organization during a Giving Day

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Step 1 of 3:

Choose an amount to give: The amount the donor would like to donate.

Add a fundraiser: If you would like to indicate a specific Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraiser that you would like for your donation to be attributed to within this organization, you can declare that individual here.

I am a new donor to this organization (Optional): If the donor would like to signify that this is the first time that they have made a donation to this organization. This is useful to help organizations understand their efforts to reach out to new communities.

Name to Display (Optional): How the donor would like their name publicly displayed, if different from the first and last name associated with the credit card. For example, The Smith Family.

Please do not display a name publicly: When checked, the name of the donor will not be displayed publicly on the site. The amount will still appear publicly and the nonprofit will receive the name information. For example:

Please do not display the donation amount publicly: When checked, the amount of the donation will not be displayed publicly on the site. The name will still appear publicly and the nonprofit will receive the amount information. For example:

When both "Please do not display a name publicly" and "Please do not display the donation amount publicly" are checked: The donor's identity and contribution will not appear anywhere publicly on the site. The nonprofit will receive both the name and the amount donated privately.

Make this donation in honor of or in memory of someone: If you would like to recognize someone and make your donation in their name, you can opt to do this here. Additionally, you may wish to also send them an email from this setting as well, alerting that person that you made a donation in their name.

Make this a recurring gift: This option may or may not be available on the giving day site that you are making a donation on. If it is available, you will be able to choose several options. Firstly, you can indicate if the donation will recur every monthly, or every quarter.

From there, you can set one of three end conditions for the recurring donation. The first being until it is manually cancelled, followed by until a specific date arrives, and lastly until a predesignated amount is given in total.

Add a Message to this Donation: A message the donor can give to the nonprofit. Will not be displayed publicly if "Please do not display a name publicly" is checked. After this is clicked, an additional box will appear for you to type your message:

Step 2 of 3:

Payment Method: A choice between credit card or ACH (bank) transfer depending on your Giving Day
First Name: The first name on the credit card
Last Name: The last name on the credit card
Card Number: The credit card number
MM/YY: The expiration date of the credit card in Month / Year format
Security Code: The 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the credit card
Billing Zip/Postal Code: The billing zip code associated with the credit card
Email: The email address the donation thank you and receipt will be sent to
Mailing Address: Your current mailing address or address you live at.
City: The city you currently live in
State: The state that you currently live in
Mailing ZIP/Postal Code: The zip code that you currently live in
Phone Number: Your current phone number
Country: The country you currently live in (defaults to the United States). If you are donating from outside of the U.S. be sure to adjust this field accordingly

Step 3 of 3:

The first box, which is untitled is a prompt from the host of the giving day. With this field, you can choose to give directly to the host, which can be used by them as a contribution to the community as a whole, help cover administrator costs, or as a donation to them to do as they see fit.

I'll cover the fees to save the organization from having to pay them: When this box is checked, the donor is choosing to increase their donation amount to cover both the GiveGab platform fee (percentage varies) and the Credit Card processing fee (2.5%  + $0.30 per transaction). 

Note: If you need a more general explanation of how to make a donation during a Giving Day, check out this support article!

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