Step 1: Locate an Organization of Your Choice

Click on "Search..." in the upper middle of the page and search for an organization, or click the "Give Back" button in the middle of the page to be brought to a list of all of the organizations participating in a Giving Day.

Step 2: Starting the Donation

From the organization's profile on the Giving Day website, click on the "Donate" button, "Choose Your Own Amount" button, or any of the tiered options to make a donation of your choice.

Note: Choosing a tiered option will pre-fill the intended donation amount, and will notify the organization of what you wish for your donation to go towards.

Step 3: Make a Donation to One or More Organizations of Your Choosing

After selecting one of the donation methods, you will be asked if you want to:

1.) Adjust your donation amount.
2.) Change the display name of the donation.

3.) Designate your donation to a specific fundraiser

4.) Indicate that you are a new donor to the organization (option may not always appear)
5.) Remove the display name of the donation.
6.) Remove the display amount of the donation.

7.) Hide your information from the organization as well (option may not always appear)
8.) Make this donation in the honor of, or in the memory of someone.
9.) Add a message to the donation.
10.) Make a gift to another organization at the same time.

Note: Depending on the giving day, the option to make a recurring donation may appear as well. The availability of this option will vary from site to site.

After customizing your donation, click the "Next" button to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Input Your Payment Information

Depending on the Giving Day, you'll be able to select various payment methods. Select which payment method you'd like to choose at the top of the screen, and then enter the payment information, your mailing address, and then hit the Next button.

Note: Your email address is required so we can send you a tax-deductible receipt. 

Note: If you're not located in the U.S., you will be able to select another country from the "Country" dropdown box, and you'll be able to continue the donation process from there.

Step 5: Confirming Your Gift

Review your information to ensure that it is accurate. You will also have two options:

1.) Tipping the host of the giving day, you can choose to make a donation directly to the partner that runs the day.

2.) Covering the associated fees that will be incurred to the organization. The platform fees vary, but the credit card fee is a flat 2.2% + $0.30.

Once you are sure the information is accurate, click the "Submit" button.

Step 6: Receiving Your Receipt

Once the donation is completed, you will receive one receipt in your email inbox for every organization you made a donation to.

Note: If you need a more in-depth explanation of some of the fields or boxes that are in the donation steps, check out this support article!

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