What is a Challenge?

Learn about GiveGab's Challenge feature and how to use it to reach your organization's fundraising goals

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The "Challenge" feature on the GiveGab platform allows your organization to collaborate with a sponsoring business or organization to meet your fundraising goals. Together your organization and the sponsoring organization are able to set a goal that, once reached, unlocks a donation of a predetermined amount from the sponsoring organization. 

Challenges are a great way to encourage support as individual donors work as a team to unlock a larger donation from the sponsor. Individual donors will be reassured that each donation, large or small, works towards reaching the goal that will unlock the Challenge's sponsor donation. 

For example, the SPCA of Tompkins County sets a $3,000 fundraising goal for their campaign. PetSmart agrees to donate $1,000 dollars once the SPCA of Tompkins County reaches their $3,000 goal. As soon as the SPCA of Tompkins county reaches their goal, PetSmart's $1,000 donation will be "unlocked"--or released to the SPCA of Tompkins County's donation pool. At GiveGab, this type of challenge is referred to as a "Dollar Challenge."

Alternatively, you could also choose to participate in a "Donor Challenge." Instead of setting a dollar amount as a goal, a Donor Challenge is fulfilled and an offline donation is created when a certain number of unique donors have given. 

On GiveGab, we call these gifts non-automatched, or conditional, gifts. Your nonprofit will only receive the matching dollars if you raise the entirety of the goal amount. 

 You can learn about how to create a challenge for your fundraising campaign here

You can also have a matching gift from a sponsor. On GiveGab, we call these gifts automatched, or unconditional, gifts. Your nonprofit will receive $1 for each $1 donated, regardless of whether you raise the entire match or not. 

You can learn more about sponsor matching here or reach out to us using the blue chat bubble if you want to learn more! 

Note: Your nonprofit is responsible for gaining and receiving funds from the sponsor. GiveGab does not collect the matching or challenging funds from your sponsor on your behalf. GiveGab simply reports the amount raised.

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