What is a fundraising campaign?

Create a fun and engaging way way for your donors to support your cause through a fundraising campaign on GiveGab

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A fundraising campaign is a wonderful tool to raise funds for a particular project. By choosing a compelling title and description you can entice donors to learn more about your campaign and ultimately donate. It is important that you write a story about your campaign, making sure your donors understand why you need funds and how those funds will be utilized.

You can choose a fundraising goal for your campaign and pick a launch date and an end date for donations. To learn more about fundraising campaign goals click here.

Fundraising Campaigns also allow you to enable Peer-to-Peer fundraisers where an individual can raise funds for you or even create a team to allow more people access to your campaign to donate to your cause. Here is a great article on how your donors can create a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser for your campaign. 

Sponsor matching can also be added for extra donations. You can click here to learn how to add sponsor matching to your campaign. The fundraising campaign page will show sponsors and the amount they are donating to be matched by individual donors. Fundraising champions are also shown to see who has raised the most funds to date. 

Want to learn about how you can work with GiveGab to reach your fundraising goals? Find a time with our Nonprofit Engagement Team here.

Please note: If your organization is participating in a Giving Day, your Giving Day profile is distinct from fundraising campaigns and events found on GiveGab. For more information about the relationship between GiveGab and your Giving Day, please click here.

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