What is a match?

Learn about what a sponsor match is, and how GiveGab highlights matches for your donors on your campaign and giving day profiles

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A 'sponsor match', or simply a 'match', is a pool of funds that was donated from a person or company that is intended to be used to double the amount raised by your organization.

Matches are a great way to encourage support as the donor's dollars will now be doubled.ย 

For example, ABC Corp. donated a $5,000 1 - to - 1 match to XYZ Nonprofit. XYZ Nonprofit will receive $1 from ABC Corp. for each $1 that is donated by supporters. XYZ Nonprofit can now promote this match from ABC Corp. as a chance for donors to double their impact: a $25 gift becomes a $50 gift, a $50 gift becomes $100, and so on.

On GiveGab, we call these gifts automatched, or unconditional, gifts. Your nonprofit will receive $1 for each $1 donated, regardless if you raise the entire match or not.ย 

You can also have a challenge gift. On GiveGab, we call these non-automatched, or conditional, gifts. Your nonprofit will only receive the matching dollars if you raise the entirety of the match.

Reach out to us using the blue chat bubble if you want to learn more about matching!
โ€‹Note: Your nonprofit is responsible for gaining and receiving the funds from the match sponsor. GiveGab does not collect the matching funds from your sponsor on your behalf. GiveGab simply reports the amount raised.

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