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Add a donate button to your website
Can I collect donations through my website using GiveGab?
Can I collect donations through my website using GiveGab?

Use the Embeddable Donation Form to collect donations through your site using GiveGab!

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Our Embeddable Donation Form allows nonprofit users to implement donation collection through GiveGab into their own websites.

The GiveGab Embeddable Donation Form is available on our P2P Fundraising Suite or Enterprise Plans.

Here is a visual example of how the Embeddable Donation button works:

When donors visit your site, they will click on the Embeddable Donation button, which you can customize.

The Embeddable Donation Form will open in a pop-up window. When the donor makes their donation or closes out of the form, they will be on the same page that they started on!

Visit the websites of these nonprofit organizations to see how they are utilizing this convenient feature:

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team via the blue chat bubble or e-mail us at

Please note: The rest of the articles pertaining to the embeddable donation widget are reserved from view from users who are not currently on a Premium plan with GiveGab.

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