How do I create a challenge for my fundraising campaign?
Motivate your campaign donors with a fundraising challenge
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Step 1: Navigate to your Admin Dashboard

If your home page is not your Admin Dashboard, click on the drop down box at the bottom of the screen next to “Viewing Dashboard For” to view a list of organizations that you are an administrator for. Click on the name of your organization you’d like to access.

Step 2: Navigate to your Fundraising Campaign Editor

From the “Fundraising Campaigns” tab of your Admin Dashboard, click the “Edit” button within the campaign you’re looking to access.

Step 3: Add Challenge Commitment

From your Fundraising Campaign Editor click "Matching" along the left-hand side: 

From there, click the "Add Challenge" button to begin customizing your challenge opportunity. 

Step 4: Customize your Challenge

After clicking the "Add Challenge" button you will be taken to the form shown below where you can enter in the specific details of your challenge. 

A. Add a Sponsor Logo (optional)

If the sponsor of your challenge has a photo or logo that you/they would like to feature, you can upload that here to be displayed along with your match. 

This section is optional, but to add a photo, click "Select image" and then click "Apply" once you have adjusted it. 

If you click "Keep Sponsor Anonymous," this image will not show. 

B. Add Your Sponsor Name (optional)

This is the name of your sponsor. Enter in how your sponsor would like to be recognized for their sponsorship. If you don't wish to highlight the sponsor publicly, you can check the "Keep Sponsor Anonymous" checkbox below.

C. Add a Sponsor URL (optional)

If you would like to promote your sponsor and share a link to their website, you can add their website URL here. 

D. Name Your Challenge

Here you'll want to add the name of your challenge as it will appear to donors. Think of this as the promotional name of your challenge - such as "Help Us Help More Pets!" or "Double The Dollars Challenge!"

E. Add Challenge Description (optional) 

To give your supporters more detail about this specific challenge, you'll want to add a description. Here you can let your supporters know how their gift will be applied to the challenge, whether this is a "Dollar Challenge" or a "Donor Challenge," and any other info you want to include about this opportunity.

F. Select Challenge Type 

Here you will choose which type of challenge you would like to set for your donors. You can either choose a "Dollar Challenge" which releases a bonus donation once a certain amount of money has been raised or a "Donor Challenge" which releases a bonus donation once a certain number of donors have made donations to the campaign.

G. Set Challenge Goal
Here you'll want to set the amount of funds or donors that will help your organization reach its goal for this specific challenge. For example, if your goal is $3,000, you'll enter 3000. If your goal is 500 donors, you'll enter 500. You do not need '$' or commas. 

H. Set Challenge Amount

Here you'll want to enter the amount of funds that will be released to your organization once you have reached the challenge goal. For example, if your sponsor has agreed to donate $1,000 once you raise $3,000, enter 1000 here. 

I. Set Challenge Start Time

If your challenge has specific guidelines regarding when the donation must be made in order to qualify as part of the challenge, you can select the starting time of when the challenge begins by clicking the box under "Start Time" and selecting the date and time from the drop down menu. 

J. Set Challenge End Date 

If there is a point where donations will no longer be counted towards the challenge, you can set the end date of the challenge by clicking the box under "End Time" and selecting the date and time you want the challenge to end from the drop-down menu. 

K. Archive Your Challenge

If this challenge is out of date or completed, you can "Archive" your challenge. This will stop the challenge from displaying on your fundraising campaign. However, this will not remove the donations from your campaign. 

L. Save

Once you've completed this form, click "Save" to view your challenge. From this page you can view, edit, or remove this challenge from your Giving Day profile. 

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