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What happens if a donor disputes a donation made to my organization?
What happens if a donor disputes a donation made to my organization?

Details about how GiveGab handles charge disputes for donations made through our platform.

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When a donor disputes a donation made through GiveGab, our payment processor Stripe sends us notification of the dispute and gives us 10-14 days to submit evidence to confirm the legitimacy of a charge. In this time we reach out to the donor for clarification on why the dispute may have been submitted and collect additional information from our side to support the legitimacy of the charge.

Disputes typically occur when the card holder does not recognize the charge on their account. This can happen for a few different reasons including: if multiple users have access to the card, if a campaign name differs from an organization name, if the donor doesn’t remember their donation, among others.

After we have attempted to contact the donor, we will notify your organization that the dispute was received and will continue to keep you updated on the status of the dispute as we receive more information. Please note that disputes can take up to 4 months for the bank to review so it may take some time to get the ruling.

If the bank rules in our favor your organization will keep the donation. However if the bank rules in the donor’s favor the donation will be debited from your account accordingly.

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