Here at GiveGab, we are committed to providing the best platform for nonprofit giving. If an organization is collecting donations on GiveGab, they have been vetted and deemed a proper 501(c)3 based on IRS definitions. You can read more about our verification process here.

To ensure you are giving to a reputable organization, make sure to always donate or give through one of the “Donate”, “Sponsor”, or “Register” buttons right on GiveGab. If an organization chooses to provide other links and ways to give, we cannot guarantee the security of your gift or be sure how your money is processed, unless the donation form you are using is on GiveGab.

If you choose to give to an organization through GiveGab, you can be sure your contribution goes where it it intended to. Here’s how:

  • Only properly verified and underwritten  501(c)3 nonprofit organizations can accept donations on GiveGab.

  • When you make a donation, we process it through our payment processor Stripe – a PCI Level 1 Compliant Card Processing Company

  • All donations are processed through Stripe and are paid out directly to the organization’s bank account via electronic direct deposit payments in 5 business days.

  • Because GiveGab collects its platform fee directly from the transaction within Stripe, none of the money that you donate ever goes through GiveGab’s servers.

  • Any money that is not immediately paid out to the organization for various security reasons is held in a non-operating bank account at Stripe. If for some reason an organization is deemed to be invalid or cannot verify its identity within a reasonable time frame, action will be taken accordingly.

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