Product Updates: June

Highlighting product releases for June 2020

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Week of June 22nd:


  • Cache now clears with updates via the landing page builder

  • The giving day dashboard for a group should no longer break if the giving day has an empty URL

Days of Giving:

  • Tip the host will now pull in the group logo instead of the giving day logo, if present

Everyday Community Giving

  • EDCG fields should now save and show correctly on the front facing application

Week of June 15th:


  • Added initial phase for giving day landing page builder to giving day partner dashboard

  • Thumbnail logos on the web application should now render correctly

Days of Giving:

  • GiveGab now supports a "tip" model on the giving day application

Week of June 8th:


  • Improvements to group verification and lapsing based on tax-exempt status

  • Check stripe account associated with donation before allowing a refund

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Fields without data now remain visible on the front-facing application

  • Custom data dates should now display correctly in safari

  • Year over Year table columns should allow empty fields and save correctly

  • Bug fixes for financial data

Week of June 1st:


  • Cleaned up some defunct backend code

  • Added the stripe payout id to organization donation charts for donation reconciliation

  • Added additional copy in various places to clarify processes to organization administrators

Days of Giving:

  • 'View Prizes' link on homepage prize section should reference custom prize label copy if present

  • Small hero images should no longer be blurry on the giving day application

  • Offline donations made directly to the giving day should reference the giving day name in the Recent Donors homepage section

Everyday Community Giving

  • 'Submit for Approval' button now appears on an organization's dashboard when the group is approved or pending re-verification

  • 990 importer improvements, including imports based off fiscal end year

  • Refactored tax information table for performance improvements

  • Percent fields correctly interpret a zero in the column


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