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Product Updates October

Highlighting product releases for October 2020

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Week of October 25th:


  • Organizations entering bank information for the first time should no longer be marked as requiring documentation immediately

Days of Giving:

  • New giving day profiles with more than 3 sponsor matches should link out to the main matches page to view the rest

  • The giving day search page should keep track of page location after navigating to a profile and returning to the search page

  • Support areas without profiles should still show on the parent group page

Week of October 19th:


  • A giving day administrator with full group admin access should be able to register those groups for other giving days

  • Deleting a leaderboard will no longer cause issues on the landing page builder for giving days

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Auditing changes should be correctly reflected on the group dashboard

Week of October 12th:


  • EIN validator should not re-lapse organizations that are already lapsed

  • Fallback group count should be tied to the giving day

Days of Giving:

  • Updated logic of the matches page on the giving day application to correctly sort by closest to completion

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Administrators can now sort organizations on the partner dashboard by those requiring approval

  • Empty subcategories will no longer show the title on the front-facing application


Week of October 1st:


  • Administrators can now upload a CSV of peer to peer fundraisers for giving days and campaigns/events

  • Removed the Wall of Fame from GiveGab

  • Updating the goal for a Team should no longer clear the story content

  • Site administrators should be able to reattribute donations without addresses

  • Allow basic html styling in giving day thank you receipts

Days of Giving:

  • Optimize worker queues for performance

  • Display mobile pay as default option if a user is on a device that supports mobile pay

  • Batch releasing offline donations should update survey response leaderboards

  • Updated styling for Tip the Host and moved it copy to the final donation step

  • Add a "View More" link for groups with more than 3 matches on their profile

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Require audits for fields even if the value is null

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