Product Updates: September

Highlighting product releases for September 2020

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Week of September 29th:


  • Upgraded GiveGab's API to Rails 5

  • Unregistering a group from a giving day should also unregister its support areas

  • A user's login attempts should correctly be reset after being unlocked

  • Added a more descriptive message for users when locked out

  • Fiscally sponsored groups no longer see the bank account field on their giving day dashboard

  • Giving days have the option to copy prizes from a previous year's giving day

  • Matches now have progress bars like challenges

  • Admins can now upload a CSV of peer to peer fundraisers for their giving day or campaign/event

Days of Giving:

  • Display mobile payment as the default option if a user is on a device that supports mobile payment

  • Batch releasing offline donations should update survey response leaderboards

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Audited fields should correctly update after a change has been rejected

  • Fixed a bug where some table values were not showing in IE

  • Fixed a bug where financial fields were not saving audits when cents were used in the field value

  • Require audits for fields with null values

Week of September 5th:


  • Fixed a bug where archived swag items were causing an error on event registrations

  • Peer to Peer fundraisers should get a sticker when donating first to their campaign

Days of Giving:

  • Improved search query performance on the giving day application

  • Created a customization to allow for a donation minimum for using DAF

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