Product Updates: July

Highlighting product releases for July 2020

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Week of July 27th:


  • Donations will not store the address inputted during the donation flow instead of using the address from the GiveGab donor's profile

  • Donation records should now store phone numbers

Days of Giving:

  • Updated some language on the post-donation confirmation screen

Week of July 20th:


  • Giving day admins now have the option to view the registration info of registered groups from the giving day partner dashboard

  • Upgraded security in our API and Web platforms

  • Corrected a bug where site administrators could not edit user information

  • Customer Success should be able to disable campaigns/events for any group on GiveGab

Days of Giving:

  • Added descriptions to landing page builder sections on the giving day partner dashboard

  • The phone number field on the giving day platform now allows for a "1" at the beginning for US phone numbers

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Added new level of tiered admin access to allow some host admins to have full access to registered group profiles

  • Added subject line to pre-pending state email

  • Programs should now display correctly on the web and front-facing applications

Week of July 13th:


  • Users should now be able to see their own super anonymous donations

Days of Giving:

  • Admins can now edit the button text, button visibility, and button link for the Hero section of the homepage

Week of July 6th:


  • There is now a confirmation field for bank account numbers on the web platform

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Improved 990 importer

  • Fixed a rounding error on some numeric fields

Week of June 29th:


  • GiveGab now supports tiered admin access

  • A group's EIN is now reset when Customer Success resets the stripe account

  • Combined the user profile and personal dashboard pages into one single dashboard

  • Updated crowdfunding icon on GiveGab's homepage

  • Improved security on the backend to prevent malicious attackers

Days of Giving:

  • Project managers can now specify which leaderboard to show on the application's homepage

  • Project managers can now update the tagline and description of an About section for any phase on the giving day application

  • Project managers can now add a custom video to any phase of the giving day with the landing page builder

Everyday Community Giving:

  • The approved sticker should now align with the donate button on the front-facing application

  • Dates should no longer be off by 1 day on the front-facing application

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