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Highlighting product releases for March 2021

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Week of March 29th:


  • Prevent an enterprise group from registering for a giving day unintentionally

Days of Giving:

  • Fix formatting issues when a giving day group had a long name

Week of March 22nd:


  • Security and performance updates

  • Remove 'Email All' button for the web application

  • User sessions should expire after a certain timeframe

Days of Giving:

  • The donor message should have a character limit of 200 characters

  • Volunteer search should only show active opportunities

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Auditing functionality should record and show the user, time and date of any audited change

Week of March 15th:


  • Add Recaptcha on the sign up form on GiveGab

  • On the event registration form, survey choices should be ordered by ID

Days of Giving:

  • Added Fallback Message to offline donation CSV uploader

  • Logos should correctly appear in the fundraise modal on the new support area profiles

  • The giving day application should not allow donations to campaigns that are not participating in the current Giving Day

  • Reveal super anonymous donor name in receipt to original donor

  • Improve performance of matches on Giving Days

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Improved UI around uploading/removing documents for individual nonprofit profiles on GiveGab

Week of March 8th:


  • Donations made as a result of a match commitment should not have a Business Fundraiser id

  • Remove "Email All" functionality from GiveGab

  • Update footer link colors for accessibility on campaign/event management pages in GiveGab

  • The prize picker should correctly account for super anonymous donors in the Most Donors prize selection

  • Display all advanced filters on a group's donation report dashboard by default

Days of Giving:

  • Improvements to match performance on the Giving Day application

  • Update checkboxes on the Giving Day application to use browser defaults

  • The campaign dropdown should only load campaigns when the link is clicked

  • In Memory Of/In Honor Of receipts should correctly account for custom organization labels in the receipt

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Increase "Notes" feature on auditing dashboard from 2000 characters to 10,000 characters


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