If you have entered in the correct organization information, organization representative information, and bank account information to set up donations for your organization, but are still not receiving a verification confirmation there may be an issue with the information you entered.

Here are a few actions you can take to help verify your organization: 

  1. Ensure you have only entered the legal first and last name of your organization representative. Nicknames and middle names will not be verified. 

  2. If you have recently changed your first or last name (within the past 5 years), enter in your previous legal first and last name.  

  3. Re-enter the complete organization representative information, including the legal first and last name, the last four digits of their social security number, and birthdate. Also ensure that the mailing address of the organization representative and phone number entered are up to date.

  4. Have another individual enter their information as the organization representative.

After submitting this information a second time, verification should only take a few minutes. If after one hour you do not see the message, “Your Organization is Verified”, we will need additional information, including a full social security number or a photocopy of the organization representative’s passport. You can learn more here. Please contact CustomerSuccess@GiveGab.com to submit this information. Do not submit your personal information through email. We will provide a secure uploader for you.

If your organization is still not verified after this process, your organization’s EIN may not have been verified by our IRS check. If your organization has an incorrect or invalid EIN you will be contacted by a member of our Customer Success Team who will work with you to verify your organization so you can start receiving donations.

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