Product Updates: June

Highlighting product releases for June 2019

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Week of June 24


  • Ability to turn on support areas from the giving day partner dashboard

  • Ability to configure single org day from the giving day partner dashboard

Days of Giving:

  • All giving days have the ability to use support areas 

Week of June 17th:


  • Site admins can turn on NPO Approval requirement in giving day partner dashboard 

  • "Sticky" organizations section in giving day partner dashboard

  • Site admins can clear the cache site-wide for multitenant giving days that are live 

Days of Giving:

  • Giving Days now support an organization approval process 

  • Matches will no longer appear under the Recent Gifts section throughout the giving day site

Week of June 10th:


  • Event registration payments now show in a group's donation table, and in the table filter options

  • Giving day admins can add sponsors through the giving day partner dashboard 

  • Cleaner tabs for giving day partner dashboard

  • Added "Fundraisers" page to giving day partner dashboard 

  • Fixed donation type filter on the giving day partner dashboard 

Days of Giving:

  • DAF Improvements 

  • Offline uploader now accommodates DAF gifts 

Week of June 2nd:


  • Ability to filter group donations table by more types (Online, Offline, event registrations, DAF, Matches/Challenges, and Prizes)

  • Top Line totals show under giving day partner dashboard's "Analytics" tab

  • Survey choices appear in same order for "View" and "Edit" 

  • Donation payouts will have 5 day processing period

  • Combine all donation types into one table in giving day partner dashboard

  • Improved Site Copy tab in giving day partner dashboard

Days of Giving:

  • Fixed bug to round peer to peer stats

  • Standardized receipt template for both online and offline donations 

  • Addresses can now be added to new users via the offline uploader

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