Product Updates: March

Highlighting product releases for March 2019

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Week of March 25th:


  • Removed outdated messages around old, "new" features

Days of Giving:

  • Offline uploader uses unique donor logic for counting number of donors 

Week of March 18th:


  • Ability to refund centrally routed gifts

Days of Giving:

  • Offline uploader shares same logic for donor uniqueness as online donors

  • Ability to set videos on the partner dashboard for Success and Giving phases

  • Ability to add redirect URL on partner dashboard for Success phase

  • Adds configuration for opting out of fees and enabling super anonymous to partner dashboard

Week of March 11th:


  • New GiveGab landing pages!

  • Free Agent Fundraisers now show in the Personal Dashboard 

  • Removed custom tags from user profile

  • Removed old cause/skill/interest recommendations 

  • Added GiveGab LinkedIn to site footer 

Days of Giving:

  • Fixed donation issues related to credit card information

  • Removed "matches" from business fundraisers

Week of March 4th:


  • Offline donations tab of the giving day partner dashboard can now support releasing offline gifts with batch ID's

Days of Giving: 

  • Better validations with zip codes for donors

  • Premium days support releasing batches of offline donations 

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