Product Updates: August

Highlighting product releases for August 2019

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Week of August 19th:


  • Prompt to update organization representative added to verification page, with link to the update form

  • Users can create peer to peer fundraisers without emails during an event registration flow 

  • Replace campaign and giving day donations table with advanced group donations table, scoped to campaign and event 

  • Add link to state compliance prompt in verification message for groups

  • Added campaign fund number to group donations export 

Days of Giving:

  • Rename /organizations page to /search on the giving day application

  • Surface support areas for all giving days in the search 

Week of August 12th:


  • Ability to attribute offline gift to support area with single gift offline uploader on group giving day dashboard

  • Initial support for Enterprise payment gateway on web

  • Fix broken organization dropdown for giving day partner dashboard single gift offline uploader

  • Fix unaffiliated status triggering off incorrect date 

  • Pass additional metadata on stripe account creation 

Days of Giving:

  • Fix registration log-in flow for giving days 

Week of August 1st:


  • Add Facebook and Google Analytics fields to giving day partner dashboard

  • Site admins can now edit registration types for both web events and giving days

  • Re-center numbers in web donation flow 

  • Ability to add donor addresses through the single gift offline uploader

  • Site admins have the ability to edit all organization approval statuses via group "Settings" 

Days of Giving:

  • Small language update for business fundraiser invite email

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