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Product Updates: May

Highlighting product releases for May 2019

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Week of May 27th:


  • Reallocating donations now updates the stats for the group 

  • Group donations table now includes offline and online donations all in one table 

  • Admins can export sorted views of the group donations table 

  • Remove "My Volunteer Experience" from GiveGab 

  • Remove Causes from individual users on GiveGab

  • Settings tab on the giving day partner dashboard uses accordion style display 

Days of Giving:

  • Live giving day stats now roll up with an odometer effect 

Week of May 20th:


  • Remove "Friends" from the front end of GiveGab

  • All organizations on GiveGab can now sort and search their group donations report, regardless of their GG plan

  • Removed "My Interests" from GiveGab

  • Removed the "Achievements" page from GiveGab

  • Site admins can now remove event registrants

Days of Giving:

  • Clear the cache on group pages and peer to peer pages if an admin saves edits

  • Update stats on the giving day when site admins reattribute donations 

Week of May 6th:


  • Fixed bank account form on Safari

  • Removed "Reflections" from GiveGab

  • Removed the ability to search by people on GiveGab

  • Removed references to custom tags/categories and user skills

  • Updated logos on the GiveGab landing page 

Days of Giving:

  • Clean up styling for peer to peer fundraiser profiles

Week of May 1st:


  • Remove sticker email from peer to peer donation flow

Days of Giving:

  • Pass DAF thank you and disclaimer text into DAF receipt

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