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Product Updates: March

Highlighting product releases for March 2020

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Week of March 30th:


  • Site Admins can now unlock users from the admin users page 

  • The donation export for groups now correctly specifies UTC time in the subject email 

  • Added password validations on fundraiser sign up 

  • Display date and time of when a community giving organization last submitted their profile for review 

Week of March 23rd:


  • Site admins can attribute donations to business fundraisers 

  • Added checkboxes to the group giving day dashboard for setting them to a fallback, and adjusting their visibility on the giving day application

  • Removed prompt to select a fundraiser on the donation form when already donating to a fundraiser 

  • Added a page for site admins to see current giving day customization options through the site admin page 

  • Added banner for covid 19 resources to GiveGab web 

Days of Giving:

  • Leaderboards should now only include visible, approved organizations

  • Addressed some search issues on the business fundraiser index page 

  • Updated payment dropdown to use cleaner tile UI 

  • Apple Pay now shows correct amount in modal if fees were covered

  • Removed background color from donation form 

Week of March 16th:


  • Business fundraisers donation export should only include released, successful donations 

  • Remove old code on the web application around wall posts for maintenance 

  • PMs can now hide the countdown clock on a giving day from the giving day partner dashboard 

  • Peer to peer toolkits use new stat calculations for accuracy across the platform

Days of Giving:

  • Improve opacity on business fundraisers, fundraisers, and causes pages to not include the text in the banner with the opacity

  • The fundraiser invite email now uses the giving day title instead of the hashtag in the subject line

  • Campaigns and peer to peer fundraiser pages should be tied to their respective giving day site 

  • Site-wide matching UI now allows for adding specific group and support area IDs

  • Site-wide matching UI now allows for adding specific donor survey question IDs

  • Accessibility updates: Improve contrast on main content text

  • Update styling to keep support area cards all same size regardless of content

  • Update styling on fundraiser index page to prevent logos from shrinking with increased content 

Week of March 9th:


  • Clicking on "manage profile" on an organization from the DMD should open in a new tab 

Days of Giving:

  • Fallbacks selected via the campaign dropdown trigger the fund message box 

  • The Giving Day receipt should no longer reference the general thank you page on web

  • Added a "Forgot your password?" link to the peer to peer fundraiser modal on the giving day application 

  • Add support for referral link tracking on the giving day application

  • Several accessibility updates to the giving day application, including: Profiles start with an H1 as a header and support areas use support area name and image as sharing)

  • Updated fundraiser email subject line for giving days 

Week of March 2nd:


  • The giving day partner dashboard should now accurately reflect a customized profile

  • Making a match sponsor anonymous should now be reflected on the campaign or event page

Days of Giving:

  • GiveGab now tracks the 5 UTM parameters (source, content, term, campaign, medium)

  • Clean up old stat calculators from the application

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