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Product Updates: September

Highlighting product releases for September 2019

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Week of September 22nd:


  • Site admins can now edit the name, email, and url of a user on GiveGab

  • EIN field on banking page only accepts numbers on submission

  • EIN field locks if organization already has present 

  • Users now timeout after 8 hours of inactivity 

  • Organization now have a verification document uploader in a "Documents" tab

Giving Days:

  • Organization labels can now be set on the giving day partner dashboard's Site Copy tab

  • City and State are hidden from university giving days

  • Single orgs should have group ID on post giving day donation button

  • Project Managers can set a giving day to "University" from the Settings tab in the giving day partner dashboard

Week of September 15th:


  • Users will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity

  • Users will be locked out for 1 hour after 5 failed login attempts

  • Fundraisers without emails now show in the giving day 

  • Fix document uploader on web platform 

Giving Days: 

  • Centrally routed giving days can attribute gifts to business fundraisers

  • Cap business fundraiser participation at 100%

Week of September 9th:


  • Fixed error on a general organization's page on GiveGab Web

Giving Days:

  • Project managers can disable organizations from adding matches and challenges for a giving day via the Giving Day partner Dashboard

  • Add offline donor for individual organizations total donors on the Giving Day Partner Dashboard 

  • Project Managers can edit the fees for their giving day via the Giving Day Partner Dashboard 

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