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Product Updates: February

Highlighting product releases for February 2019

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Week of February 18th:


  • The giving day partner dashboard has a free agent fundraiser section

Days of Giving:

  • Premium giving days can support Engagement Opportunities

Week of February 11th:


  • GiveGab fee, GiveGab fee cap, and Plaid fees are now visible from the giving day partner dashboard

  • Prevent editing donations for centrally routed giving days 

  • Ability to add Engagement Opportunities from giving day dashboard for premium giving days

Days of Giving:

  • Premium University giving days now have the option to add Apple Pay/Google Pay 

  • Premium giving days have the ability to support Engagement Opportunities 

Week of February 4th: 


  • Business Fundraisers will now show on the user dashboard for Admins

  • Disabled embeddable donation widget for centrally routed days 

Days of Giving: 

  • Giving Day admins can now create surveys for their business fundraisers 

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