When updating bank account information, GiveGab requires the organization administrator to submit a copy of a government-issued ID. This is to ensure that you are who you say you are and to prevent bad actors from making unauthorized changes.

GiveGab prioritizes the safety and security of all organizations and donors that interact with our platform. The photocopy of your government-issued ID will be uploaded through a secure form that is only accessible by current GiveGab employees who have all undergone extensive security training.

Once your ID has been submitted and approved, use the blue chat bubble to alert the Customer Success team of your submission. A Customer Success representative will be in touch with you to update your bank information. Once approved, your ID will not be stored.

ID submissions are only valid for 24 hours. To prevent needing to upload your information a second time, be present and ready to chat with your Customer Success representative at the time of your submission.

Note: Never submit your personal information to GiveGab via email or chat.

Protect your identity by only sending private information via our provided, secure forms.

For more information on how GiveGab ensures the safety and security of all of its users, please reference the GiveGab Security and Reliability page.

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