Important Steps for Post-Giving Day Success

Learn your organization's next steps after participating in a Giving Day on GiveGab

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Step 1: Check Out Your GiveGab Donation History 

After your organization participates in a Giving Day, it's time to gather your donor information! Click on “Reports” tab while in your Admin Dashboard, then select "Donations" to be taken to your organization’s donation records and information.

You may also download a comprehensive report of your organization's donations to better access this information, and to help you with the next step in your donor stewardship plan!

Step 2: Filter Your Donation Report

You want to only look at the donations received from your giving day, so you'll need to filter the report before you download it! From the dropdown menu that reads "All Giving Days & Community Giving Sites" select your most recent giving day.

This filtered report will include all donations to your organization during the giving day, including both offline and online donations.

Step 3: Download Your Donation Report

Scroll down and click the "Export CSV" link beneath your donations table and a complete report of the filtered donations above will be emailed to the email address you are currently logged into GiveGab with!

Step 4: Understanding Your Donation Report

Once you have downloaded your donation report, it is now time to break down your data, and understand what your organization will receive after the day! Your organization will receive all the funds in the "payout amount" column on the donations CSV. This is the amount of online donations being sent to your nonprofit after any fees have been removed (if the donor did not opt to cover them). 

(Note! Make sure to add those donations which came in during the giving day dates and times. The report is in UTC time, so you would need to convert them to your timezone. Here's how!)

Step 5: Thank Your Donors! 

Once the giving day is over, it is time to thank your donors! Your donors receive an automatic thank you message from both the Giving Day and from your organization's thank you message. With donor addresses, you can send handwritten or more personal Thank You's for all their support - you can find this information by scrolling to the right of your donation report!

Note: If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an email at

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