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How do I view my organization's Giving Day Analytics?

Learn how to find and read through your giving day analytical data.

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Step 1: Navigate to your Giving Day Dashboard

From the your user dashboard head into your organization via the Admin Dashboard on

From the “Home” tab of your admin dashboard click on the “Giving Days” tab highlighted below.

Step 2: Select Your Most Recent Giving Day

Find your most recent giving day event (or the desired one) under your Giving Days tab and head into the dashboard.

Step 3: Locate Your Analytics

At the top of your giving day dashboard, directly below the giving day title and amount raised amount, is your "Analytics" button. Select this to view the analytical data of your giving day event.

Step 4: Analytics Breakdown (General)

Under your Analytics page are two tabs. Under the first "General" tab you'll see the following:

The analytical breakdown of your giving day even results include:

A) Total Stats: The total amount your organization raised during the giving day event, the total number of donors that contributed to your organization, and the total number of donations received.

B) Online Stats: The total amount donations raised online during the giving day event, the total number of online donors, and the total number of online donations.

C) Offline Stats: The total amount of offline donations raised for your organization during your giving event, including dollars, donors, and gifts.

D) Fees %: This section includes both the overall giving day fees were covered for your organization as well as the total percentage number of your organization's donations that had fees covered during your event.

E) Matches & Challenges : The total amount of match and/or challenge dollars raised, the number of matched donors, and the number of matched donations for the organization.

F) Prizes: The total amount of prize dollars raised during the organization's event and total number of prizes.

G) Donor Advised Fund (DAF): The total amount DAF dollars raised during the giving day event, the total number of donors that contributed to DAF, and the total number of donations received towards DAF during the organization's giving day event.

H) Other Offline: Other miscellaneous offline donations that fall into their own unique category. This reflects the total amount of additional offline donations your organization raised during the giving day event, the total number of donors that contributed to other offline donations, and the total number of additional offline donations received.

Step 5: Donor Insights Tab

Within the Second, "Donor Insights" tab, you'll find more data that will show you a breakdown as shown below:

I) Average Donation Amount: This section includes average donation amount offline and online combined, as well as split.

J) Average Donor Amount: Here you'll see a breakdown of average donation amount per donor combined, as well as separated into online and offline.

K) Average Donations Per Donor: This section breaks down average donations per donor online as well as offline, and the totals of those amounts together.

L) New Donors: This will show you how many (self reported) New Donors have given to your organization during your giving event.

M) Payment Methods 1/2: On the bottom left hand side within this section you'll see the total number of donations that were given to your organization via Mobile Pay during your event, as well as the total of dollars from those donations.

N) Payment Methods 2/2: On the bottom right hand side you'll see the total donations to your organization from an ACH payment method, and the total amount raised from the ACH donation(s).

Step 6: Analytics Breakdown (Year-Over-Year)

The third tab is "Year-Over-Year" statistics. Under this tab you'll be able to compare bar graphs with this year and previous year's data of Dollars Raised (shown below), Donor Counts, Gift Counts, Average Donation Size, Average Donations per Donor, New Donors.

Under each graph (Dollar Count, Donor Count, and Gift Count) you'll notice three date categories. The orange bar represents online donations. The dark blue bar represents offline donations. The light blue represents total donations for the event.

Questions? Please reach out to the Customer Success team through the blue chat bubble or via email at! We're happy to help!

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