What is a Registration Code?

Learn about discounting a registration fee for your fundraising event on GiveGab through Registration Codes

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A Registration Code gives you a way to allow your fundraising event registrants to get a discount on their event registration fee. In this series we will discuss the different aspects of adding a coupon code to your fundraising event and how to archive, edit, delete, and turn off coupon codes, as well as how your registrants will use them. 

Learn how to:

A few general rules about registration codes:

1. Registration Codes are only available for fundraising events.

Fundraising Events are a feature available on our Boost premium plan. You can read more about the Boost plan here.

2. Registration Codes can be used by anyone who has the code. 

Anyone who has access to a coupon code is able to use it. There is also no limit on how many times a code can be used. Be sure to only send the code to those you want to use it. 

3. A Registration Code applies a new registration fee to those using it. 

When a registrant uses a coupon code, they get the fee associated with the code, not a dollar figure or percentage off. 

For example, your registration fee is $25 and you want to give repeat event-goers $5 off. You would create a Registration Code for $20. When your event-goer applies the code, her registration fee is $20. 

4. Every registrant needs to use a Registration Code to receive the discount

The Registration Code only applies to an individual, not to a group of people registering. Each person registering needs to apply their own registration code during the registration process.

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