How do I edit a registration code?

Learn how to make changes to a registration code you created

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You can only edit a registration code if it has not been used previously. If the registration code has been used and you need to make changes, you will need to archive the registration code and create a new one. 

Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

If your home page is not your admin dashboard, click on the drop down box at the bottom of the screen next to “Viewing Dashboard For” to view a list of organizations that you are an administrator for. Click on the name of your organization you’d like to access.

Step 2: Navigate to your Event Editor

From your Admin Dashboard, click the "Events" tab. From there, click the "Edit" button within the event you’re looking to access.

Step 3: Edit Your Registration Codes

Within your Event editor, click on the "Event Fundraising" tab on the left and scroll down to find a section labeled "Registration Codes."

Step 4: Choose the Code you wish to edit

Click the "Pencil Icon" next to the code you wish to edit. Any code with "In Use." within the box cannot be changed, but can be archived.

Step 5: Make your Changes

This will allow you to change the name of the code and the fee associated with it. Once you're finished making changes, click "Save". You can now share out your new code!

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