How Do I Change My P2P Fundraiser Display Name?

Learn how to change the campaign name under your P2P fundraiser at any time.

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As a P2P Fundraiser, you'll log in through where you'll be able to edit your Fundraiser Dashboard which updates your P2P Fundraising page. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Locate Your P2P Fundraiser Dashboard

After logging in through, click the "Dashboard" button under Your Personal Fundraisers from your personal dashboard:

Step 2: Change Your Fundraiser Display Name

The first tab on your Fundraising Dashboard, entitled Tell Your Story, is where you'll find the "Fundraiser Display Name." Here, you can edit the fundraising display name of your P2P Fundraiser.

Once you've entered or edited the display name for your fundraiser, it will be reflected on your fundraising dashboard and on your fundraising page.

Questions? Please reach out to the Customer Success team through the blue chat bubble or via email at! We're happy to help!

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