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How to Invite a Supporter to Sign Themselves Up as a P2P Fundraiser
How to Invite a Supporter to Sign Themselves Up as a P2P Fundraiser

Learn how to invite a supporter to sign themselves up as a P2P Fundraiser for your Giving Day campaign

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Perhaps you've already added a few individuals as P2P Fundraisers through your Giving Day profile (instructions for that here), and now you're looking to invite some individuals to sign themselves up rather than just add them. Let's go through this opt-in process now!

Step 1: Ensure that new fundraisers are allowed to sign up on your Giving Day profile

Navigate over to your Giving Day dashboard and expand the "Add Fundraisers" section. From there, be sure that the box "Allow New Fundraisers to Sign Up" is checked! This will cause for the Fundraise button to appear on your profile, which will be shown in later steps.
Not sure how to get to your Giving Day dashboard? Click here!

Step 2: Share Giving Day profile & invite supporters

Send out your Giving Day profile URL to your supporters (via email, social media, text, etc) and invite them to sign themselves up!

Step 3: Your supporter follows the link to sign-up

To sign themselves up, all they need to do is click on the "Fundraise" button on your Giving Day profile! Here's what that looks like:

Once an individual clicks "Fundraise", a pop-up appears where they can enter their First & Last Name, Email Address, and their password. Here's what this looks like:

Note: Individuals who have fundraised before on our platform with that email address will be entering their password and thus logging in. For those new to our platform, they will be creating a Password in that pop-up.

Exception: If they are already logged into GiveGab when clicking "Fundraise" they will not get the pop-up and instead be prompted to start customizing their Fundraiser page!

Step 4: Logging back in to customize their fundraiser page

In the future, they would return to to log back in and continue editing their P2P Fundraiser page.

Click here for instructions on how to edit the P2P Fundraiser Page.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen, or send us an email at

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