How do I edit my peer-to-peer fundraising team?

As a team captain, you have the power to edit your team's fundraising page

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Personal Dashboard

Log into GiveGab at If you are seeing a navigation menu at the bottom of your screen, select “Your Personal Dashboard”.

Step 2: Click on the Dashboard Button

Once you've navigated to your Personal Dashboard, click the “Dashboard” button next to the fundraiser that belongs to the team you wish to edit below "Your Personal Fundraisers".

Step 3: Navigate to Your Team Editor

From the blue bar at the bottom of your screen, select the "Edit Team". From there you'll be taken to your P2P Fundraising Team Editor.

Step 4: Edit Your Team's Page

From your Team Editor you can edit your team’s description, update your team goal, and/or upload a team photo. Once you’ve made your changes, make sure that you click "Save" in each section and your changes will be reflected on your team's P2P fundraising page.

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