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Highlighting product releases for January 2021

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Week of January 25th:


  • Add ability to exclude individual fundraisers from the main fundraisers page for a Giving Day

  • Removed copy about temporary passwords from event registrations

  • Updated peer to peer fundraiser tables to surface the email and phone number of the fundraiser

  • Added standard fonts back to summernote editor, removed the font-size option

Days of Giving:

  • The Add to Calendar feature for a giving day should now be accessible via keyboard

  • The date and countdown of a Giving Day should be white by default for accessibility

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Added the ability to delete 990 financial columns

  • Added the ability to export search results on the front-facing application

Week of January 11th:


  • Added links to 'Security' and 'Accessibility' to GiveGab's footer

  • Updated footer link colors for accessibility

  • The EIN removal worker should acknowledge reinstated organizations

Days of Giving:

  • Fundraise modal should successfully submit when a user click the 'enter' key on their keyboard

  • Donors should be able to select a peer to peer fundraiser from the donation flow on a giving day

  • Calculated leaderboard columns should no longer be rounded for calculations

Week of January 4th:


  • Removed defunct Google Analytics code

  • Updated password requirements copy to specify requiring "at least" 8 characters

  • Removed donation support for IE 9

Days of Giving:

  • Cleaned up the styling of first generation peer to peer fundraiser pages

  • New fundraiser profiles should link back to the parent campaign

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Manually updating years in Year over Year tables should update all the year properties

  • Added an info bubble to uneditable Year over Year tables to specify seeing the first table to change the years

  • The public facing application should only show Year over Year table columns that contain actual years

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