Product Updates: January

Highlighting product releases for January 2020

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Week of January 27th:


  • Ability to attribute a single offline gift to a support area 

  • Upgrade Stripe API for on-boarding account 

  • Updated organization on-boarding form 

Days of Giving:

  • Sorted leaderboard column now has updated styling 

  • The giving day application now supports Google Tag Manager

  • The leaderboards are now only visible when stats are on or the day is in success

  • University days will no longer have "View Donations" in their receipt

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Added future years to date pickers for some everyday giving date fields

  • Admins can now update re-verification messages for emails and dashboards on the partner dashboard

Week of January 20th:


  • The phone number field is no longer required to surface contact information on the public application

  • Add user emails to fundraisers page export from the giving day partner dashboard 

  • Add privacy to documents uploaded on GiveGab so they are not accessible publicly 

  • Added the year to business fundraiser profiles in the user dashboard

Days of Giving:

  • Added configurable heading above fallback campaigns 

  • Fix stats bug around tiled stats not looking at the correct stats 

Week of January 12th:


  • Add copy on the giving day partner dashboard Account Owner section to show owner's organization name organization stripe account 

  • Organization exclusion id's can now be excluded via the giving day partner dashboard 

  • Users can now manually add donations to support area matches via the group profile 

  • Revealed the Financials tab for Everyday Community Giving 

  • Fixed bug around support area setting checkboxes not saving correctly 

Days of Giving:

  • Add special password copy on giving day application fundraiser sign up 

Week of January 6th:


  • GiveGab now has a new landing page

  • Only allow Everyday Community Giving organizations to submit profiles for review

  • Use appropriate tagline for giving day profiles

Days of Giving:

  • Add a line break to matches page header

Week of December 30th:


  • Receipts will no longer include refunded donations

  • Passwords on GiveGab now have more strict requirements

Days of Giving:

  • Added support for "hidden" leaderboards

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