Product Updates: October 2018

Highlighting product releases for October 2018

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Week of October 29th:


  • New, streamlined forms for collecting payment information 

  • Organization administrators can now edit registrant survey answers for events under the Manage section of the event

  • Organizations can add a fund number to their campaign in the Edit section of the campaign

Days of Giving 

  • Giving Days now have the option of hiding the ability for organizations to add offline donations 

Week of October 8th:


  • Donors can resend themselves donation receipts from their personal profile

  • Exported donation CSV's will now be downloadable in email for increased security

  • Addresses are now split into Address/City/State/Zip on group donation CSV Exports and Group Supporters exports 

Days of Giving

  • Ability to ask if a donor is new to the organization

  • New copy section for Everyday Giving 

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