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Product Updates April

Highlighting product releases for April 2020

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Week of April 27th:


  • Peer to peer fundraising toolkits should show the correct stats

Days of Giving:

  • Show correct stats for business fundraiser index page

  • Location-based search should pull back accurate results when a state isn't specified

Week of April 20th:


  • Project managers can now set custom start and end dates in the giving day partner dashboard

  • Improved stat calculations on the platform

  • Bank page should now surface message for a rejected account with reason for rejection from Stripe

Days of Giving:

  • Re-enable enterprise donation form backup

  • Match index page on the giving day should only show matches tied to the giving day

  • Remove amount from in honor of emails

Everyday Community Giving:

  • Last submitted date appears on the everyday dashboard

  • All tabs on a group profile should load even if there are no programs

Week of April 13th:


  • Added additional settings to the giving day partner dashboard for project managers

Days of Giving:

  • Giving day matches should be tied to their respective giving day

Week of April 6th:


  • GiveGab groups using Enterprise will now show transaction codes in the donation report

  • Regular anonymous donor names show surface in the fundraiser toolkit to send a personal thank you message

  • The giving day partner dashboard single gift offline uploader will now load all support area campaigns for a group, not just twenty-five

Days of Giving:

  • Giving Day matches should be tied to their respective giving days 

  • Stories for fundraiser pages should now match the styling of the story on their associated group page

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