How do I join a peer-to-peer fundraising team?

Be a part of a collaborative fundraising effort by joining a peer-to-peer fundraising team

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Note: Team fundraising is only available for GiveGab's Peer-to-Peer Suite Campaigns & Events. Team fundraising is not available for Giving Days.

Step 1: Navigate to Your P2P Fundraising Dashboard 

Head to your Personal Dashboard by toggling to "Your Personal Dashboard" from the dark blue bar at the bottom of your screen; right next to "Viewing Dashboard for". From there, click on the "Dashboard" button beneath your Personal Fundraiser. 

Step 2: Click to Join or Create a Team 

Within the Progress box in your P2P Fundraising Dashboard, there is a section labeled "Your Team". Click the link in that section titled "Join or create a fundraising team". From there, you’ll be able to select an existing team to join from the drop down or create a new fundraising team. When you’ve selected your team, click "Join," and you’re all set!

Step 3: Join a team or Create a team

A pop-up box will appear and give you the option to join an existing team (from a dropdown menu) or create a new team.

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