Can I make a donation in memory of, or in honor of someone?

Find out how to cherish a loved one with a donation in their name.

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Making a donation "in memory of" or "in honor of" is a thoughtful way of recognizing your loved one's commitment and passion to a particular cause. It also ties them to a meaningful cause that is bettering the world. We at GiveGab, find this to be a wonderful opportunity to honor your loved one and encourage you to donate "in honor of" or "in memory of." Let me show you how this is done!

Note: You are only able to make a donation in memory of, or in honor of someone while making a donation during a Giving Day. You cannot make a donation in this method while giving through a Campaign or an Event.

Step 1: Click "Make this donation in honor of or in memory of"

When making your donation, you will see an option to "make this donation in honor of or in memory of someone." You'll want to click the box next to this option as seen below!ย 

Step 2: Choose "In Honor" or "In Memory"

When you click that button, it will prompt you to choose "In Honor" or "In Memory" from a drop-down box. Select one of these options and then enter the name of your loved one.

Step 3: (Optional) Notify them of your donation on their behalf

If you would like your loved one or their family to receive an email notifying them of your gift in their name, you can select "Notify this individual or their family of my gift." This will allow you to enter their email address as well as give you the option of a custom message.

Then you can proceed with the payment process as usual! Thank you so much for donating in honor of someone you love!

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