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How do I make a donation with an eCard?

Learn how to make a donation to a Giving Day with an eCard

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Step 1: Locate an Organization of Your Choice

Click on "Search..." in the upper middle of the page and search for an organization, or click the "Donate" button in the middle of the page to be brought to a list of all of the organizations participating in a Giving Day.

Step 2: Starting the Donation

On the organization's Giving Day profile, click on the "Donate" button, "Choose Your Own Amount" button, or any of the donation levels to make a donation of your choice.

Note: Choosing a donation level will pre-fill the intended donation amount, and will notify the organization of what you wish for your donation to go towards.

Step 3: Make a Donation to One or More Organizations of Your Choosing

After you've clicked the donate button, or selected a donation level, you will be directed to the donation form. On this page you will be able to:

  1. Adjust your donation amount

  2. Check for additional campaigns the organization might be hosting

  3. Add an ambassador if applicable

  4. Enter display name of donor (Optional)

  5. Add a public message to display with your donation (Optional)

You are then able to remove the organization, and/or add another organization, before clicking next to move onto the payment screen.

Step 4: Input your eCard information

Input your eCard number, expiration date, and PIN on this page. This information can be found in the email you received as a recipient of an eCard. Then, enter your mailing address information. Click Next once all the fields are filled out.

Note: eCards cannot be used in combination with any other payment method. If there are insufficient funds on your eCard, you will need to remove donations from your gift basket until the eCard is able to cover the balance, or use an alternative payment method.

Note: If you are unable to locate the email with your eCard information, please contact the Customer Success team via chat bubble or email ( to resend this information to you.

Step 5: Confirming Your Gift

Review your information to ensure that it is accurate. Once you are sure the information is correct, click the "Submit" button.

Step 6: Receiving Your Receipt

Once the donation is completed, you will receive one receipt in your email inbox for every organization you made a donation to.

Note: As the recipient of the eCard, you are eligible to claim the tax deduction from your donation upon using your eCard.

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