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Navigating Your Admin Dashboard

A quick overview of all the features you'll find within the GiveGab Admin Dashboard

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Your Admin Dashboard is your home base for all your organization's activity and engagement on GiveGab. You can customize your organization’s information, manage your fundraising campaigns and events, and view reports all from your dashboard. Let's get familiar with the different features of the admin dashboard!

1. Home

When you first navigate to your admin dashboard, you'll find yourself in the Home tab. The Home tab offers a broad overview of giving days your organization is participating in, your fundraising campaigns and events, as well as recent donations.

2. Campaigns

  • Create a new Campaign

  • View, manage and edit all GiveGab Campaigns for your organization

  • Add, Edit, or Message Fundraisers or Fundraising Teams 

  • Edit GiveGab Campaign story, goal, and Campaign URL 

3. Events

  • Create a new Event

  • View, Manage and Edit all GiveGab Events for your organization

  • Add, Edit, or Message Fundraisers or Fundraising Teams 

  • Edit GiveGab Event story, fundraising goal, general info, or registration form

4. Giving Days

  • Edit your Giving Day story, registration information, keyword search, or Thank You Message

  • Add offline donations, manage matches, or add fundraisers

  • Preview your Giving Day page, add administrators, check bank verification status 

5. Reports

Donation Reports

  • View and Filter Donation Reports by Name, Email, Date, Giving Day, Campaign, or Event

  • Export a CSV of your Donation Report (with or without filters!)

  • View and update your bank account information

Financial Reports

  • View net amount and gross amount of funds raised.

  • View total amount of credit card and processing fees.

  • Payout amounts and transaction dates

6. Manage Organization

  • Edit your organization's information such as Name, Website, and Contact Person

  • Give colleagues administrative access 

  • Update and view your organization's verification information

  • View your list of supporters

For a more in-depth review of your admin dashboard, check out this great article here! If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us via the blue chat bubble, or by email to

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