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Who is able to use GiveGab?

Groups that benefit from GiveGab's features

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Any organization that is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations can use GiveGab to manage their nonprofit. To find out if your organization meets this status, find your organization in the IRS Database or on Guidestar. If your organization is found using the IRS Exempt Organization Search and/or has a 'ruling year' listed on its Guidestar Profile, you are eligible to fundraise on GiveGab.

Donors can use GiveGab to find campaigns and nonprofits they’d like to donate to.

Volunteers can use GiveGab to find volunteer opportunities in their area.

Colleges and Universities can use GiveGab to manage student volunteer efforts and fundraising campaigns.

National Organizations can use GiveGab to manage their local chapters.

Community Foundations can use GiveGab to manage their different funds and nonprofits.

Volunteer Centers can use GiveGab to link up with their community partners and connect opportunities.

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