Matches and Challenges are a fantastic way to incentive donors to make a greater impact by supporting your organization. By highlighting a dollar for dollar match or unlocking a challenge incentive during your Giving Day, you can take your success to new heights and excite your supporters in the process!


A 'sponsor match', or simply a 'match', is a pool of funds that was donated from a person or company that is intended to be used to double the amount raised by your organization.

For example, ABC Corp. donated a $5,000 1 - to - 1 match to XYZ Nonprofit. XYZ Nonprofit will receive $1 from ABC Corp. for each $1 that is donated by supporters. XYZ Nonprofit can now promote this match from ABC Corp. as a chance for donors to double their impact: a $25 gift becomes a $50 gift, a $50 gift becomes $100, and so on.

On GiveGab, we call these gifts auto-matched, or unconditional, gifts. Your nonprofit will receive $1 for each $1 donated, regardless if you raise the entire match or not.

Want to add a match opportunity to your giving day campaign? Follow this step-by step article!


A "Challenge" is a gift that can be unlocked by meeting a goal. This goal can be measured by total dollars given or total donors engaged.

For example, the SPCA of Tompkins County sets a $3,000 fundraising goal for their campaign. PetSmart agrees to donate $1,000 dollars once the SPCA of Tompkins County reaches their $3,000 goal. As soon as the SPCA of Tompkins county reaches their goal, PetSmart's $1,000 donation will be "unlocked"--or released to the SPCA of Tompkins County's donation pool. At GiveGab, this type of challenge is referred to as a "Dollar Challenge."

Alternatively, you could also choose to participate in a "Donor Challenge." Instead of setting a dollar amount as a goal, a Donor Challenge is fulfilled and an offline donation is created
when a certain number of unique donors have given.

Want to add a challenge opportunity to your giving day campaign? Follow this step-by step article!

Matches & Challenges Make A Difference!

Having a match or challenge incentives donors to give more to "unlock" extra funds for your nonprofit. On average, having a matching opportunity increases donors likelihood to give by 22%, and increases gift amounts by 19%.

These are also great opportunities for local partners or major donors. It allows them to give at a higher level, and gain recognition for their contributions. Learn more about soliciting these gifts on our blog!

Questions? Reach out to us using the blue chat bubble to learn more!

Note: Your nonprofit is responsible for gaining and receiving the funds from the match sponsor. GiveGab does not collect the matching funds from your sponsor on your behalf. GiveGab simply reports the amount raised.

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