The support area feature allows you to create designated campaigns for donors to support during the Giving Day. This allows for more profile flexibility, and gives your donors the opportunity to contribute to a specific area or need.

This feature is referred to as a support area on your organization dashboard, but will appear under the heading fundraising campaign on your giving day profile.

Are support areas right for my organization?

Support areas are a great feature, but they might not work for everyone! If your organization has a desire to highlight a specific program, project, or need and you think your donors would enjoy the opportunity to donate directly to them - then this feature is for you! For example, a school could set up a support area campaign to furnish one of its classrooms; or a nonprofit could set one up to highlight a specific community program.

How can I use them?

You can create as many support areas as you would like to represent the different programs, projects, or areas of need that you would like to highlight for the Giving Day. You can also set up a P2P or Matching Gift within the support area that is specific to that campaign.

Tell me more...

If a donor makes a gift directly to one of your support areas, the totals will roll up into your profile stats just like P2P pages. Donors will be able to see your available support areas by visiting your profile, and they can even designate their gift to one of your support areas right in the donation form! Reconciliation will be a breeze as your donor reports will reflect if the donor gave directly to your profile or to one of your participating support areas.

Count me in! How do I get started?

View our helpful resource that provides step by step instructions to set up your first support area.

Questions? Please reach out to the Customer Success team through the blue chat bubble or via email at! We're happy to help!

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