GiveGab offers ACH direct deposit transfers of all donations made to your organization so there's no need for a check 😊

Donations given through the GiveGab platform are paid out directly to your bank account that you provided when you signed up to GiveGab. This allows you to receive your donations within 24 to 48 hours after the gift is made! This is done automatically on your behalf each night. Many nonprofits find this fast turnaround for donations preferable over the delay in receiving checks in the mail, which is why GiveGab only offers direct deposit.

Our payment processor, Stripe, is incredibly secure, rated as a PCI Level 1 Payment Processor by Visa, which means Stripe meets the most stringent level of security guidelines.

The payment will appear as “STRIPE PAYOUT” on your bank account when it is paid out.

You can view a breakdown of all your donations by downloading a comprehensive donations report from the Fundraising Tab of your Admin Dashboard on GiveGab. Learn how here. This file will include the donation amount, the amount in credit card and platform fees, and the total payout amount and payout date for each donation.

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