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How do I edit my matching opportunity for my fundraising campaign?

Make changes to your matching commitment on your fundraising campaign

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Step 1: Navigate to your Admin Dashboard

If your home page is not your Admin Dashboard, click on the drop down box at the bottom of the screen next to “Viewing Dashboard For” to view a list of organizations that you are an administrator for. Click on the name of your organization you’d like to access.

Step 2: Navigate to your Fundraising Campaign Editor

From the “Fundraising Campaigns” tab of your Admin Dashboard, click the “Edit” button within the campaign you’re looking to access.

Step 3: View Matching Commitments

From your Fundraising Campaign Editor click "Matching" along the left-hand side:

Step 4: Edit Matching Commitment

From the "Matching" tab click the "Edit" link below the match you'd like to update. Once you've made your changes be sure to hit the "Save" button again.

Note: The ratio of a Match cannot be changed after the match is created

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