How do I edit a peer-to-peer fundraiser's profile on my campaign?

Edit and customize your organization's peer-to-peer fundraiser's profiles on a campaign

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Admin Dashboard

Navigate to your admin dashboard by clicking the dropdown list on the bottom of your screen next to Viewing Dashboard for and selecting the name of your organization. If you are not an admin of an organization, you will not see this dropdown list at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Campaign Manager

From the "Home Tab" of your Admin Dashboard navigate to the campaign that your fundraisers are participating in by clicking the "Fundraising Campaigns" tab. From the here, click the "Manage" button for the campaign you would like to work on.

This will take you to your Campaign Manager where you'll want to navigate to the tab that says "Fundraising Champions" at the top of the page. From the "Fundraising Champions" Tab of your Campaign Manager click the Pencil Icon under the "Actions" column next to the fundraiser's name to edit their profile.

Step 3: Edit Your Fundraiser Profiles

After clicking the Pencil Icon, you'll be directed to this page here:

If you are editing the Fundraiser's Dashboard on behalf of an individual, you will only be able to view three of the sections, Tell Your Story, Make a Donation, and Share Socially.

In the Tell Your Story section, you will make the changes that will show up on the P2P fundraiser's page. You can add modify their story of why the fundraiser is supporting your cause, or add a more general message for all of your fundraisers. You can select a Story Image as well as a Video Link to a YouTube or Vimeo video that highlights why to give. Lastly, you can Set a Goal for the P2P fundraiser to reach!ย 

Once you've finished customizing your fundraiser's profile make sure that you click the "Save Changes" button and your fundraiser's profile will automatically reflect the changes you've made!

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