What is an Embeddable Donation Form?

An Embeddable Donation Form is a form you can add to your website to collect donations.

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An Embeddable Donation Form is a donation form you can add to your website to collect donations.

'Embeddable' means that the form lives within your website, so your donors will not be redirected away from your website to make their donation somewhere else.

You will want to create a Donation Button to link to your Embeddable Donation form. The screenshot below shows an example of what a Donation Button might look like and how it will display to your audience. You can customize this button's color and display text to be consistent with your organization's branding.

When the donor clicks on this button, instead of being redirected to a new page or site, a new window will pop up on their screen (which is not affected by pop-up blockers) for them to make their donation.

You can check out the websites below to see how these nonprofit organizations are utilizing this feature!

The GiveGab Embeddable Donation Form is available for Giving Day participants and for those running a campaign or event with our Boost Fundraising Suite.

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team by clicking the blue chat bubble or emailing us at customersuccess@givegab.com.

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