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What is the Give A Little More Feature?

Learn the basics about "Give A Little More."

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The Give A Little More feature provides returning donors the ability to see which organizations they gave to last year, and provides them the opportunity to easily increase their gift this year by 10%, 20%, 30% or a custom amount.

Returning donors are prompted to click the "Give Again" button on the landing page. From there, they'll be guided to log in to view their previous year's designations and complete their gifts for this year.

Note: If a donor gave to a Support Area the previous year, only that organization's main Giving Day profile will be represented as their former designation. Within the checkout flow, donors are able to designate their gift to a specific Support Area if applicable.

As an admin, you'll be able to provide special messaging encouraging your returning donors to "Give A Little More." For more information on how to do so, check out this support article.

Please note: Not all Giving Days utilize "Give a Little More" in GiveGab. If you have questions about whether or not this is available for your giving day or any other questions about "Give a Little More", contact us using the blue chat bubble or by emailing!

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