Can I preview my organization's campaign "Thank You" email?

After your supporters make a contribution to your campaign they will receive a custom receipt and thank you message from your nonprofit

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While you won't be able to preview your campaign's "Thank You" email unless you've made a donation, the screenshot below provides an example of a GiveGab campaign donation "Thank You" email, so you can see where your custom elements will fit in and be displayed to your donors!

  1. Your Organizations Logo - at the top of the email your organization's name and logo will appear so your donors know this email is coming from your organization.

  2. Your Custom Thank You Image or Video: Here is where your campaign's "Thank You" image will be displayed, or if you chose to include a thank you video, a hyperlinked shot of your video will display here instead.

  3. Your Custom Thank You Message: Here is where your custom thank you text will populate in your "Thank You" email.

  4. Empowering P2P Fundraisers: If a donor gave to a campaign with P2P Fundraising features enabled, they would see a prompt to encourage them to support your organization by creating their own personal fundraising page tied to your campaign.

  5. Donation Receipt Information: The final portion of your "Thank You" email includes the donation date, donation amount, your organization name, your EIN number, and the campaign the gift was made towards if applicable. This portion of the message is your donor's tax deductible receipt!

You can learn how to customize your organization's campaign "Thank You" message here!

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